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Florida Health Care Marketing is an insurance marketing/consulting firm that works with business owners and individuals in the design and acquisition of employee benefits – more commonly, health insurance related products and miscellaneous ancillary offerings.  Our target markets are small to medium size businesses owners and their families, generally located in South Florida and Northern Illinois.

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Our experience in Employee Benefits dates back to 1974 when the ERISA (Employee Retirement Income and Security Act) was adopted.  Since then, we have experienced evolutionary changes in Group and Individual health insurance programs, qualified retirement plans and the gamet of benefit programs affecting American workers and their families.  We have seen the advent of HMO plans, PPO’s, and now, the massive changes presented by the new Patient Protection and Affordability Act.  Unfortunately, the majority of the American public is very confused by all the changes relating to health care, insurance regulations and of course, the changes in regulations of their retirement plans and investment market volatility.

This is why so many business owners and individuals seek our assistance in finding answers to their critical benefit related questions.  Our staff works diligently in the design and implementation of all forms of employee benefits, ranging from core health care benefits to the design of their retirement program.  We listen to their needs and goals and help identify positive action they need to take in their financial matters.  We point out areas that represent financial exposure and risk that can seriously impede their plans and lifestyle.  Our work may include an organized monthly cash flow analysis and savings review, with an eye on safety and yield.  We will identity insurance needs to avert the financial consequences of unexpected events that occur in life.

The operation is directed by Steve Goldstein, CLTC, originally from Chicago.  A former Senior Sales Manager for Blue Cross and Humana Health Care Plans in Illinois, Steve is now in his 38th year in the financial services industry.  He was a major contributor in the design and implementation of HMO/PPO products for these companies in Illinois and Northern Indiana in the 1980s and 1990’s.  Relocating to South Florida in 2001, he continues to work with businesses  in optimizing the best possible benefit packages within all budgetary constraints.

Director of Customer Service falls upon the very capable Sherry L Goldstein, with 35 years in operational management and customer service.  Sherry led her service teams for major financial and pharmaceutical companies during her career, and brings her talents to work for our clientele here.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you.  Give us a call and see if what we do is in line with your business goals.

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