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Why Everyone Needs Health Insurance

Why you need health insurance

As a woman who spent the bulk of her career doing medical and dental billing, I have seen my share of success and horror stories when it comes to insurance coverage. From emergency teeth extractions to regular pediatric physicals I have seen it all and I have billed for it all. I am here to tell you the importance of having coverage and understanding what exactly you are covered for.

What is so important about insurance?
Well, I like to think of insurance as “WHAT IF”. If something never happens to you then you will be pretty okay, I guess. But insurance is not just about waiting until something goes really wrong. Insurance is about PREVENTATIVE CARE as well, or preventing something from happening to you. The insurance companies are now required to cover preventative care because it actually saves them billions of dollars in the long run. So if you do not have insurance and you are waiting for your wisdom teeth to become impacted and cause you so much pain you cannot eat or sleep, then you go right ahead. But if you invest in insurance then you will be covered to receive dental good check-ups every six months and have your teeth polished and rinsed by a professional. they will then give you x-rays and assess if any treatments need to happen to avoid that emergency. The point of insurance is to actually avoid the “what if’s”. You want to stay on top of your health so the worst does not occur. When I worked in Oral surgery I saw so many patients come running into our office in tears crying because they had been in severe pain for days.

Why should you know what you are covered for?
A lot of time people just sign up for some Small Business Health Insurance Plans insurance package that their job offers but they do not really understand their coverage. For example, In the story, I used earlier about the emergency tooth extraction. sometimes you may have dental insurance but it will not cover oral SURGERY. In this case, you would need to bill your Health Insurance because it would be covered under your medical side. This would be a good thing to know before you make your appointment. You also want to know if the doctor is in the network and if you have an HMO or PPO. Medical Insurance can cross over into the Dental side if you need surgery. You would want to know what coverage you’ll for what procedures.

When can you sign up?
You can only enroll for your health insurance once per year and this time is called Health Insurance Open Enrollment. During Health Insurance Open Enrollment, you will get a chance to review the Small Business Health Insurance Plans and you will choose the best option for you and your family. These plans will come with options for you, your dependents and your spouse. It is important that you choose your coverage inside this small window which usually lasts a few months because if you miss this small window if the time you will have to wait until next year to enroll in any kind of coverage. The only time you will be able to still enroll yourself or family in additional health insurance or make any changes at all in your current coverage would be during a qualifying life event. These events include marriage, a birth or a death in the immediate family. Pregnancy does not count as a qualifying life event. The baby has to be born to add the child to your insurance.

In conclusion, having insurance can make or break you. In this day and age, it’s a law for you not to have the insurance. If you go nine months without health insurance, you will be fined and penalized at the end of the year when you file your taxes. The fines are getting larger and larger every year and they are meant to motivate people to make sure they have insurance. Without insurance, you are just waiting for something to go wrong and then you are going to be in debt or you will have to suffer through some traumatic experience. With insurance, you are taking good care of yourself utilizing the preventative care that your insurance will come with. Out of pocket expenses for preventative care are not that expensive but they can add up. It is critical to your longevity that you have insurance on your health. You only get one life to live so make sure you are doing your part to make your life experience the best! Live life to its fullest and go see your doctor regularly. Life is too precious to wait for something to go wrong.

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