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Florida Health Care Marketing, Inc. was formed in May of 2002 in Fort Lauderdaie, Florida. This business started as predominately a Group Health and Life Insurance agency. It has, and is being run by Stephen M. Goldstein, CLTC, formerly of Chicago Illinois. (See bio page for background). During the past 12 years, the agency marketed a full broad range of financially related products and services, no longer limiting its product portfolio to group and individual health insurance plans. (Note: Consumer Product Offering Page).

Mission Statement
“ To provide consumers, both business owners and individuals, with a service or financially related
products, that will reduce or eliminate the financial impact of an unfortunate or unforeseen event. ”

Obviously, this statement is perceived to be centered around the health or life of an individual and the impact that some unfortunate event can have on their financial well-being.
We, at Florida Health Care Marketing, take this matter very seriously and try our best to convey this message to the consumer, be it a business owner or family.
More than ever, we have seen what appears to be a great dissatisfaction with political and economic events in our country. We note how so many families and business owners take so little action to protect their own wealth and properly plan for the future.


Our “game plan” is to help as many families and businesses as possible in the following endeavors:

  • Determine and implement a cost effective health insurance program that will protect an individual/business from a serious and devastating financial loss, and one that
    aggressively promotes individual wellness.
  • Review and establish a thorough strategy for individual retirement. This includesFINDING MONIES THAT PEOPLE ARE TRANSFERRING AWAY UNKNOWINGLY AND
    UNNECESSARILY every day in their daily financial routine. This is one of the many reasons we believe we are UNIQUE AND APART FROM COMPETITORS. Saving for
    retirement without this KEY COMPONENT makes so called retirement planning an incomplete process. We need to make individuals aware that their savings plans may
    turn into a “Retirement Tax Time Bomb” and we are here to help defuse it. Make business owners aware of the advantages of a well-funded Buy/Sell Agreement or Stock Purchase arrangement.
  • Redesign and implement a qualified retirement plan for business owners, their employees, and indivusals that provide low fees, safe but higher returns than they have experienced – one that allows for the maximum contributions, service levels that exceed expectations, and personal planning to avoid the tax traps at retirement.
  • Provide miscellaneous services such as business financing to help business owners with cash flow and provide opportunity for expansion and growth.
  • Provide existing and potential clientele with the useful information, with regard to the financial services industry that may prove valuable to their business or personal financial needs.

We gain great satisfaction in knowing that our work has had a significantly positive impact on the lives of other individuals that we have helped and will help in the future.


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