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New Life Insurance with Long-Term Care & Critical Illness Included!

A new and truly needed life insurance product is now being marketed by a few quality life insurance carriers. Many individuals, some of whom are stretched thin by their monthly budgets and expenses, often hesitate to purchase new or additional life insurance because they feel it only benefits their family at the time of their death. That is no longer the case. Here’s why!

The new life insurance policies can now be used to solve critical life changing events, reducing or even eliminating the need for individuals to purchase costly long-term care and or disability income policies. In other words, the new policies may be used to solve critical financial needs while the insured is alive.


If the insured becomes ill and develops a serious “ critical illness” such as internal cancer or a heart attack, a portion of the face value of the policy can be paid to the insured to offset unreimbursed medical expenses, provide extra cash if the insured cannot work, or provide significant money to help pay for long-term care expenses.


These types of policies can be available for both term and permanent life insurance policies. they may reduce the need for ancillary insurance purchases of disability income and expensive long-term care policies (of which premiums may increase) and are not guaranteed. Premiums with the new life policies are guaranteed for the duration of the contract.

Ask us how these plans work and see if they are right for you. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by asking. Can you qualify?


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