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Personalized interactions are the future of health care
Health Care Must Become More Personalized
Veterans Need Better Health Care

There are many great problems that people face in the United States, especially veterans. One of the biggest issues that veterans suffer from are constant health conditions. Veterans have a hard time finding the accurate information and resources to help advise them of what to do when they have a health condition. Common health conditions that veterans face consist of:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Headaches
  • Memory Loss
  • and Irritability

It’s thanks to technology that we have been able to advance in medicine and health care. And some time in the future, technology will make it easier for veterans to receive the proper veterans healthcare they need and deserve. But we can’t just rely on technology to advance and do all the work for us, we also have to find solutions to these problems so that, not only veterans, but millions of Americans can improve their health by having personalized healthcare.

When it comes to chronic health conditions, about 117 million people of the United States’ population suffers from at least one. And veterans suffer the most because about one-third of veterans suffer from at least three chronic health conditions. It’s quite worrisome that veterans suffer the most from chronic health conditions, and even more because not many seek out to learn more about veterans healthcare.

We Must Aim for More Accessible Health Care

With having multiple health conditions, it can make it quite difficult trying to keep track of doctor visits, medications to take and the correct dosages, and instructions or information about taking care of yourself. It’s been deducted that at least a great portion of society forgets the information their doctors told them. Like stated before, it is too difficult to keep track, and the human brain can only grasp so much information to store. It would be easier to have one-on-one healthcare, that way people only need to visit one doctor, and they can keep track of all the information and medication provided to them. Plus, it will waste less time to file the same forms, to wait long hours, people won’t need to work so much around their school or work schedules, and no need to be running from place to place.

We can use technology to make this possible, and it will make it much easier for patients to have personalized healthcare. It is also easier now to get into contact with people, as well as receiving and sending information. Humans are a social species, and it has been proven that being in touch with others can improve health. It is also another way to quickly gather information to learn about which health care is the most suitable and will meet the patients needs. And if someone were to call a health center to ask questions regarding their appointments or to gather more information, it is important that at the end of the other line is another person and not a bot. Because a bot can’t be caring or genuine about your health visit. It can also frustrating and takes longer for the bot to connect you with a staff member.

To have one-on-one healthcare, it can be a huge health benefit to improve the lives of many Americans. With one-on-one healthcare, patients can expect to spend less money and waste less time and still continue to receive top quality care. It would be more accessible to meet with a licensed individual to support and advice you on how to improve your health. You will also build trust when you regularly meet with that same individual, and so you will become more comfortable and familiar when visiting. And this will result in improving long-term health benefits.

Unfortunately, when sick employees miss work, it causes a huge economic loss. Also, 75 percent of health spending is spent on chronic health diseases. And the cost of health insurance decreases for patients, employers, the government, and taxpayers when employees are living healthy lives.

It would be best for the health care status quo to finally change. Because before, the doctors were the ones who ran the business of health care. They cared and invested so much of their time to learn everything, and do whatever they could to cure a patient. Those doctors lived in the same communities as their patients and bonded with them. They were not afraid to dig more into the human body to investigate what was it that made us human. And unfortunately, now the health care business isn’t run by doctors.

So with each new horizon, we will build up to improve the chronic health conditions Americans suffer because patients are the ones who are most important.

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